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Friday, June 10, 2005

Ping Ponging the Queen

So when my daughter was in high school the guys in her class would ping- pong her between them and the lockers. It was meant in sport but was rather painful to watch but I would just watch and not break up the fun cause ....well if my daughter had had enough they woulda known it right up side the head.

Tonight the Red Queen is feeling a bit like a ping-pong ball being bounced between my 2 favorite writers and simultaneously between all jobs that are not getting done because I am spending most of my waking hours at the office. Jn and I have been assigned the job of painting outside of the office building. One more loooooong day and we should be finished. The piles of dishes and clothes are getting very large- the hubby wants me to rub his feet while he snores life away on the couch and the bills all need to be paid and me, I am just ready for bed so off with your heads!!!!

I truly am the Red Queen today as I have been painting in the sun and well you know how we fair skinned beauties burn. I am not sure what burnt laundry smells like but I have burned spaghetti and the sauce also. I am thinking I don’t smell like either of those tonight – I probably smell more like an old basketball sock thrown on a hot grill instead. Hows that for mood making!! I can be just ever so romantical when I wanna be!

Heres hoping I can ping my way into bed . And where the heck did that kinda name come from anyway???? It is not an onomatopoetic kinda word really- atleast not when I play it- maybe when Forrest Gump goes at it but when I play it is usually dink-dink-crap!

OH and Jn turned me on to some new tunes yesterday- very entertaining and very onomatopoetic also. The Blue Man Group- if you like percussion they are excellent. They use many sources to make there music including the sound one of their dogs makes when its belly is rubbed- they call that the woofer sound-ha. I would love to catch one of their concerts and they are supposed to be very interactive- sorta like going to the Rocky Horror Show with your toast and water pistol except NOT.

well for now this Red Queen is side out!

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